As a major comprehensive cancer centre, the Princess Margaret actively adheres to the following:

Invests in the full range of basic, translational, and clinical cancer research.

Collaborates with other cancer centres in Canada and around the world to advance cancer care outcomes.

Assumes leadership in national and global health organizations and major professional associations.

Delivers state-of-the-art care and services to patients and families.

Attracts, retains and educates many top cancer healthcare professionals.

Works to develop more effective approaches to cancer diagnosis and therapy.

Educates the Canadian public about cancer research, cancer care and treatment.

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Princess Margaret Cancer Centre is a cancer research institution focusing on all three areas of research: BASIC, TRANSLATIONAL and CLINICAL RESEARCH.  Producing advances in the scientific understanding of cancer in order to deliver more effective therapies and practices requires enormous investment, ingenuity and expertise.  The Princess Margaret’s research program ranks (from 2012 to 2014) second in the percentage of papers published in high-impact oncology journals and third in the percentage of highly cited papers (to be ‘highly cited’, a paper must have a citation count that places it in the top 10 percent of papers published in the same field and year).

Princess Margaret Cancer Centre’s ability to discover and deliver new and better treatments through evidenced-based research is supported not only by our scale, but also our breadth:

We care for many of Canada’s most complex and challenging cancer patients. We have the expertise to treat the 200+ types of cancer, including the rarest forms of the disease such as eye cancer. We provide consultations to other cancer clinicians across the country and beyond.

Because we support the full spectrum of cancer research, we are uniquely equipped with the world-class expertise to effectively test combinations of treatment therapies.

We are leading the way with the most comprehensive Immunotherapy Program in Canada. In 2013, we opened Canada’s first clinical trial using a promising kind of Immune Therapy called “Adoptive T-cell Therapy”.