SHOOT: Record yourself taking a shot (sport or non-sport related).

SHARE: Upload your shot to all of your social media channels. Be sure to include #TakeYourShot so your video gets uploaded to our website and gets noticed by the Your Shot to Conquer Cancer community.

DONATE: Donate to support breakthrough research and encourage others to take their own shot or donate in tribute of your shot!

Don’t want to take a shot but want to donate? No problem. Make a general donation or show your support and donate in tribute of a really cool shot that someone else took.

By joining the global #TakeYourShot movement, not only are you demonstrating your willingness to shoot down cancer, but you are also helping conquer cancer with heightened awareness and raising funds for world leading cancer research.

EXTRAS: Want to make your video look extra cool? 

  • Use more than one camera at different angles and download our logo here to include it when putting together your video.
  • For those iPhone users, download the app iMovie to join multiple videos together,  edit it and add your own music.
  • Or download Splice to help edit your video and add in music they have

**Be sure your accounts are not listed as private or we can't pull your video to our homepage. Also Facebook is private and won't be able to pull any posts except for ones posted on our Shot to Conquer page.