A Grieving Daughter's Plea

She lost her mother to Covid-19 and is now speaking out for the vaccine

Brenda, a resident at an assisted living community in Cherryville, N.C., was 66 years old when she contracted Covid-19. She did not recover from the virus.

“We did our first holiday Thanksgiving without her, and that was hard,” said Melissa Brophy, Brenda’s daughter. “And not having her for Christmas, I can’t even begin to tell you what that’s going to feel like.”

Melissa and her sister were especially close to their mother. Losing her to Covid-19 has been hard on the whole family, Melissa said, and that’s why she plans to get the Covid-19 vaccine as soon as it is her turn.

“Just knowing that Mom’s not going to be here, that alone is making me want to jump into action,” Melissa said. “And to do more for this research and whatever it takes to get this thing out of our country and away from our loved ones.”

Melissa shared a message of thankfulness and gratitude with the front line senior living workers who helped care for her mother, and she urged them to get the Covid-19 vaccine to protect themselves, their residents, and their own families.

“I do miss my mom and it’s going to be a really tough Christmas,” Melissa said. “I just hope not many more people have to experience it.”

Melissa’s mom was a vibrant soul who loved to bring joy to others, she said. She was even a professional clown. Her loss has been felt far beyond her immediate family.

“Melissa is like family to us, because Brenda was a part of our family,” said Jodie Lankford, a frontline health care worker at the senior living community. “We share in her loss, just like we do with every resident our family has lost. I know, we all know here, that something has to be done to keep our family safe, and that’s why we need this vaccine – to save lives.”

Melissa pleaded that everyone take the vaccine.

“I have dealt with my mother and I am dealing with my uncle now, and I’ve got several friends who are dealing with loss or people who are suffering right now,” Melissa said. “The only thing I could say is please if you have the change to vaccinated, please do so. I wish it had come a little bit sooner and my mom would still be with us.”